How to get a read receipt in Gmail

Image showing Read receipt feature provided by in Gmail provided by Mail Track for Gmail software

There are a lot of situations where the certainty offered by an email read receipt is not only nice to have. For instance, nobody would imagine a world where you don’t know where the shipped package you sent is or if it has been received by the recipients

Oddly, such a disparity is accepted within the realm of email correspondence despite existing solutions. In this article, we are going to introduce and compare two distinct approaches for integrating read receipts into your Gmail experience: 

  • The native Gmail read receipt solution

  • Read receipts facilitated by our advanced email tracking tool  

What are Gmail read receipts?

Read receipts in Gmail refer to notifications or confirmations that inform the sender when the recipient has opened and read their email. 

Essentially, it's a feature that provides visibility and consequently certainty into whether the emails you've sent have been viewed (opened) by the recipients. 

Why would I need a read receipt ? 

Certainty in communication can be particularly valuable for various reasons, such as

  • Confirming that important messages or  time-sensitive information  have been received and read,

  • Tracking the engagement of recipients with your content, 

  • Maintaining better communication efficiency.

Abstract? Let’s dive into some use-case examples. 

When could I use cases for email read receipts?

The advantages of having the assurance that your emails have been opened can be particularly impactful in specific use cases:

  1. Business Communication and Sales: Lead Tracking and Engagement: Gain valuable insights for more informed follow-ups with potential clients. Know the best time to engage and tailor your communication strategy accordingly.
  2. Job Applications: Employer Interest Gauge: Understand the level of interest from potential employers by tracking when they view your application emails. This knowledge can guide your subsequent actions
  3. Event Management: Attendance Estimation and Planning: Effectively manage events by tracking RSVP emails. Accurately estimate attendance and streamline logistical preparations.
  4. Marketing: Outreach Effectiveness: Measure the success of your outreach initiatives by tracking email opens. Determine which campaigns resonate most with your audience. Content Perception: Evaluate the perceived value of your content by monitoring when recipients engage with newsletters, blogs, or other materials.
  5. Education: Enhanced Communication: Educators can foster better communication by tracking when students access course materials, announcements, or correspondence with parents.

Each of these scenarios demonstrates how email tracking can empower you to make informed decisions, improve communication strategies, and optimize your interactions for enhanced outcomes.

How to get read receipts using the Gmail native feature

Does Gmail have read the receipt? Kind of. There is an unknown native feature that can do the job.

How to add read receipt with Gmail : 

  • Step 1: Ask your Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) admin to enable the feature from the Google Admin Console. The important point of this step is to tick “Allow email read receipts to be sent to any email address”
  • Step 2: Once it is done, Wait a few minutes before the changes are applied, then create a new draft. In the draft parameters, you will have access to a new option “Request read receipt”.
  • Step 3: You can now send your email, the read receipt will -eventually be displayed in the Sent folder, at the bottom of your sent email.
  • Step 4: When your recipient receives your email, a pop-up will ask him if he agrees to send a read receipt
  • Step 5: If you come back to your email sent, you are able to see if the email has been opened only if the recipient effectively opens it and accepts to send you a read receipt.

I’m sure you noticed some flaws, let’s review this feature.

Our In-Depth Assessment of Gmail's Native Read Receipt System: 

As creators of an advanced email tracking system, our insights are inevitably influenced by our experience and expertise in this realm. When trying Gmail's native read receipt feature, we find both commendable aspects and notable limitations. Let's delve into our observations:

Selective Accessibility: One significant drawback is the restricted availability of read receipts. This feature is exclusively accessible to Workspace accounts, limiting its usage for those with personal Gmail accounts ending in This segmentation restricts the wider adoption of read receipts to a specific user base.

Voluntary Recipient Consent: A crucial aspect to consider is the requirement for the recipient agreement to send a read receipt. While this safeguards privacy, it's common for recipients to decline these notifications. As a result, the promise of consistent read receipts often remains unfulfilled.

Limited Display and Compatibility: The display of read receipts within Gmail poses convenience challenges. Restricted to the sent email view, it becomes cumbersome to utilize this feature efficiently for a substantial volume of messages. Moreover, their compatibility with email providers varies; while established providers like Outlook and Thunderbird support them, compatibility with lesser-known platforms remains inconsistent.

Manual Operation Barrier: A significant impediment emerges in the manual nature of requesting read receipts. Each email necessitates an individual manual request, making it impractical for extensive usage. While this might suit sporadic use, it becomes unwieldy at scale, thus limiting its utility for larger operations.

Desktop-Centric Functionality: Gmail's read receipt functionality is confined to desktop usage, excluding mobile or other devices. This constraint restricts user flexibility, as communication is increasingly mobile-oriented.

Privacy-Conscious Implementation: A commendable aspect of Gmail's approach is its respectful handling of privacy and consent concerns. This feature ensures that users' privacy remains a priority, preserving recipient autonomy.

The alternative: get read receipts with Mail Track for Gmail

As we saw, there are some massive limitations in the native solution.

We build our software with these in mind. Here is a short comparison of the 2 solutions :

 Gmail native read receipt 
  • Only Google Workspace users

  • Only on desktop

  • Available to All Gmail and Google workspace users

  • Works on mobile

  • Depends on recipients will
  • Can be disrupted by email tracking blocker tools
  • You need to open the sent message to check if the read receipt is available
  • Double green tick added directly in the mailbox when mail is read

  • Optional Real-time notifications when read

  • All emails automatically tracked

  • A dashboard gives you the status of all emails tracked

Use Anywhere:

All users of Gmail/ GSuite / Google Workspace can install Mail Track for Gmail. It also works on different devices. With our Google Workspace add-on, you can even track emails from your mobile phone, giving you flexibility in how you use email.

Reliable Tracking:

One special thing is that read receipts are always included. Even if some people try to block email tracking, Mail Track for Gmail still has a very high success rate of 99%. This means you can trust the information it gives you about your emails.

Easy to See:

Read receipts are made part of your Gmail experience. You'll see a special green checkmark when an email is opened in your inbox. Or, you can also use the Email Tracking tool for a more complete view, making it easy and helpful.

Automatic and Simple:

Mail Track for Gmail takes care of email tracking for you. When you write or reply to emails, it adds the tracking without you needing to do anything extra. This saves you time and effort.

Private and Personal:

If you choose premium plans, Mail Track for Gmail keeps your tracking discreet. This respects different preferences for privacy and personal space.

In essence, Mail Track for Gmail emerges as a robust email tracking solution, offering a comprehensive package of benefits, ease of use, and compatibility across various devices and platforms read receipts Gmail friendly.


When comparing the two methods, the Email Tracking tool becomes an obvious choice due to its enhanced convenience, reliability, and comprehensive insights.

Elevate your Gmail experience with this intuitive tool, transforming the way you engage with your email interactions. Install Mail Track for Gmail for free, and send your first tracked emails within the next 3 minutes.