A complete guide to creating an effective email marketing strategy

A person creates his strategy in a notebook. This person uses post-notes. Also visible are a keyboard, mouse and wireless headphones.

E-mail marketing stands out as an essential pillar for any company wishing to strengthen its customer presence or increase sales. In fact, according to the Limtus 2023 report, nearly 4 out of 10 marketing professionals consider email to be extremely crucial to the success of their business, while 87% of marketing leaders say that email is essential to their success.

Establishing a good emailing strategy upstream is therefore fundamental to managing coherent, well-defined campaigns. With a high return on investment, estimated on average at $42 for every $1 invested according to the Data & Marketing Association, email marketing is one of the best marketing channels, whatever the means or size of the company. Beyond the high ROI, email marketing offers a high degree of control over campaigns: content, design, target audience and timing, enabling highly personalized messages to be sent based on user data.

Email marketing is proving to be a remarkably versatile and powerful tool, delivering a multitude of essential benefits. With its ability to minimize costs while maximizing personalization, its ease of performance measurement and its high engagement potential, emailing proves to be a crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy.

So what's the key to developing a truly effective marketing strategy that takes full advantage of these assets?