Inbox Integrity: Does Email Tracking Compromise Ethics?

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Gmail inbox
E-mail is one of the world's most important means of communication. In fact, over 300 billion e-mails are sent worldwide every day. The success of e-mail communication is due to a number of factors: instant and organized communication, low cost of use, and the ability to sha...

How to Calculate Your Email Open Rate For Free

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A image with a gmail icon and the text How to Calculate Email Open Rates For Free
In an era where social media platforms come and go like fashion trends, email marketing remains the little black dress of the digital world—timeless, essentia...

How to get a read receipt in Gmail

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Image showing Read receipt feature provided by in Gmail provided by Mail Track for Gmail software
There are a lot of situations where the certainty offered by an email read receipt is not only nice to have. For instance, nobody would imagine a world where you don’t know where the shipped package you sent is or if it has been received by the recipients. </...